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Queensland Children’s Hospital


Queensland Children’s Hospital

The multi-award-winning $1.5 billion Queensland Children’s Hospital is considered by the Academy of Design and Health to be a world leader in healthcare design. Designed by Conrad Gargett and Lyons, the design is highly functional and thoughtful, with every design element supporting the human experience.

“To create a supportive environment for patients, families and staff the hospital was designed to integrate with the surrounding landscape. Bougainvilleas in the adjacent parklands informed the colour palette used throughout the building creating a bright, familiar space, especially for children. We also drew upon muted pastel tones found in the outback and vibrant colours of the State’s exotic birds, rainforest butterflies and flora throughout. These colours were distilled, re-constructed into a ‘Queensland colour wheel’ and then used as a design tool to inform the use of colour in different zones of the building. Key accents of nature, wildlife and abundant green spaces also link the building to the familiar landscape of Queensland.” explains Lyons.

55,000m² of fire-safe Mitsubishi ALPOLIC™/fr in various finishes were used on the building’s exterior louvers and protruding components to achieve the architects vision. ALPOLIC’s versatility and wide range of colour options allowed the architects to take on an environmental design approach that engaged and absorbed the surrounding elements of the building. The panels utilise Lumiflon FEVE resin technology, which provides exceptional durability and protection from UV radiation, water, and salt, as well as unparalleled colour and gloss retention. This ensures Mitsubishi ALPOLIC™ aluminium composite panels will continue to look ‘as new’ for many years to come.


Conrad Gargett and Lyons


Abigroup Contractors



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Mitsubishi ALPOLIC™/fr in Mali, Green Satin, Killarney, Pitcher, Hyssop, and Sea Elephant

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