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OWA Mineral Fibre Ceilings Score Big at Sydney FC’s World-Class Facility

Explore how Sydney FC’s cutting-edge football facility utilises OWA mineral fibre ceilings, offering high-performance solutions that resist moisture, enhance acoustics, and stand the test of time. Discover the perfect blend of form and function in this professional sports facility.

In the world of professional sports, where top-notch facilities can make a significant difference in player performance and recovery, Sydney FC has set a remarkable benchmark with their state-of-the-art facility. Among the many features that contribute to the excellence of this facility, the use of OWA mineral fibre ceiling tiles has been a standout choice, in creating a truly outstanding environment for athletes.

Sydney FC had a distinct vision for their facility, especially in the Hydrotherapy area. This section needed to be designed with the utmost care as it is an essential part of a football player’s recovery process. The key requirements for building products used in this area were resistance to mould, mildew, chemicals, and corrosion, all while maintaining high acoustic values. The ultimate selection of OWA Humancare RH Plus as the preferred ceiling product was not arbitrary; it was a well-informed choice due to its exceptional attributes, quality and price.

Sydney FC Facility OWA Mineral Fibre Ceiling Project Sydney FC Facility OWA Mineral Fibre Ceiling Project

OWA hospital grade mineral fibre ceiling tiles an essential feature

First and foremost, Sydney FC’s Hydrotherapy area demanded a ceiling material that could withstand high humidity levels. In such an environment, a conventional ceiling would sag when exposed to moisture. OWA Humancare RH Plus excels in this aspect, ensuring that the ceiling remains firm and unaffected by the high relative humidity that is characteristic of hydrotherapy areas. This is an essential feature and the material used needed to be of hospital grade.

The Hydrotherapy area is an integral part of the athlete’s recovery process, and the acoustic properties of the ceiling play a crucial role. OWA Humancare RH Plus offers exceptional acoustic values, as the hard tiles within a pool area can often create a lot of harsh noise. The soothing acoustic qualities of the ceiling contribute to the overall ambiance of the facility, making it conducive to relaxation and recovery.

Moreover, the OWA Humancare RH Plus ceiling is also resistant to mould, mildew, and moisture, which is of paramount importance in areas with high humidity. It is renowned for its use within healthcare settings and it provides a hygienic and clean environment for the athletes, ensuring their wellbeing. Additionally, its resistance to chemicals and corrosion makes it suitable for use in hydrotherapy areas where special and sometimes harsh chemicals are used to treat injuries and maintain water quality.

Sydney FC Hydrotherapy OWA Humancare RH Ceiling

Sydney FC did not just choose OWA ceiling materials for their exceptional performance attributes. They also wanted something unique and visually appealing for their facility, without breaking their budget. OWA Sandila, with its textured painted surface that incorporates sand in the paint, added the desired touch of distinctiveness which offers a different aesthetic quality.

What sets OWA apart is not only the quality of their ceiling materials but also the comprehensive support they provide. Made in Germany, OWA offers up to a 30 year warranty, ensuring that the ceiling materials will perform consistently over time. In the realm of professional sports, where quality and durability are non-negotiable, this warranty offers peace of mind.

OWA Mineral Ceiling Sandila NRC

Furthermore, leading OWA distributor, Network Architectural, provided full project support from start to finish. We pride ourselves on having a highly experienced and skilled team who work closely with you at all stages of the project lifecycle – from conception to specification through to project completion and can assist with seismic designs if needed. OWA and Network Architectural’s commitment to providing this level of service and detail demonstrates their dedication to creating safe and reliable ceiling solutions that go the extra mile for their clients. In addition to the product quality, the quick turnaround time and responsive support were crucial in meeting Sydney FC’s tight schedule. The ability to deliver on time and provide impeccable support made them the perfect partner for Sydney FC.

The state-of-the-art Sydney FC facility is a testament to the dedication to excellence in professional sports. The choice of OWA ceiling materials, particularly OWA Humancare RH Plus, has not only met but exceeded the requirements for the Hydrotherapy area. The high humidity and demanding environment of this area were no match for OWA’s high quality mineral fibre ceiling tiles, which continue to perform at their best. The benefits of OWA’s exceptional acoustic properties, resistance to moisture, mould, and chemicals, as well as their unique aesthetic appeal, make them the perfect choice for a facility of this calibre. Now with this facility in place, Sydney FC can focus on the support and development of the future soccer players of Australia.

Network Architectural is a major distributor of OWA Ceiling products in NSW and the ACT. Let us help you create a high quality, safe and environmentally friendly space for your next project, contact us today.

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22 December 2023

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