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Continuing Professional Development

As part of our commitment to ongoing training and education, we present CPD’s on a range of topics where architectural ceilings and cladding – external and internal play an important role.

Every CPD Presentation is delivered in accordance with the respective state/territory Architecture Board requirements. We run CPDs for architectural firms (minimum of 8 attendees required) and general quarterly CPD’s (registration required). Presentations are 60 minutes in length, all attendees are provided with a certificate upon completion.

You can browse our current CPDs and register your interest below.

CPD Presentations

Facades of the Future: Looking Beyond Compliance, Prioritising Best Practices and Sustainable Design

In this CPD presentation, we look at the state of the façade market – where we have come from and where we are today. We explore Australian and global fire testing methods, their role in evaluating façade designs and systems, and discuss how looking beyond compliance is critical when designing safe buildings and futureproofing your specifications. With the increase of extreme weather conditions and climate change, we also investigate weatherability performance testing methods for common weather events such as hailstorms and severe wind. 
Presented by: David Hill , Llewellyn Regler On-demand webinar
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Designing Ceiling Systems for Infrastructure Projects – the importance of a design-led approach

Specifying and designing ceiling systems for infrastructure projects is a complex and specialised capability. In this CPD presentation we will guide you through the process of successfully delivering large scale infrastructure projects. We’ll review case studies in transport, education and sports and explore examples of the capability and limitations of modern metal ceiling systems, sharing how a design led approach is key (or critical) for turning imaginative designs into reality. 
Presented by: Steven Fraser On-demand webinar
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Modern Ceilings Systems and Healthcare CPD

With a focus on designing for healing, we take a look at how modern ceiling systems impact our health and wellbeing. We will share how the design of modern ceilings spaces has evolved and explore how approaches to healthcare ceiling design have progressed, integrating elements such as natural light and flexible approaches to today’s modern healthcare buildings.  
Presented by: Steven Fraser On-demand webinar
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ALPOLIC™ NC Sustainable Façade Coatings CPD

In this CPD presentation, we discuss the sustainability strengths and advantages of FEVE fluoropolymer topcoats for façade panels and curtain walls. We will evaluate coating performance tests and discuss the implications for the life of different coatings. We will also assess the life-cycle advantage and discuss test standards to specify to ensure optimum and sustainable performance.  

Building Sustainability & Building Compliant Facades CPD

This CPD presentation discusses the changes to NCC2019, specifically Section J. It focuses on thermal breaks, how to build compliant facades to worlds best practice, paint systems, and sustainability. 
Presented by: David Hill , Llewellyn Regler On-demand webinar
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Fire Safe Façades CPD

In this CPD presentation, we discuss how polyethylene panels were permitted to be used on all types of construction. We also talk about testing methods such as AS1530.1,1530.3 and AS5113 as well as provide a brief overview of installation systems and design. 
Presented by: David Hill , Llewellyn Regler On-demand webinar
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Meet our presenters

David Hill

State Sales Manager QLD / NT

Specialises in: Facades

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