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Baffle ceiling solutions

A baffle ceiling is a contemporary, functional type of ceiling system that improves the aesthetics, acoustics, and comfort of an indoor space. Network Architectural is a leading Australian distributor of modern, effective baffle ceiling solutions.

What are baffle ceilings?

A baffle ceiling incorporates free-hanging suspended ceiling elements that create eye-catching designs, elegant lines, and adds interest to the ceiling of a room, auditorium, or other space. Particularly ideal for large, open interior spaces, these ceiling installations help to enhance airflow and may also improve the area’s acoustics, particularly for noise control.

Ceiling baffles deliver a vast array of options in terms of creative possibility and visual appeal – and with numerous shapes, sizes, dimensions, colours, finishes, and suspension options to select from, baffles are the perfect ceiling solution for open-plan offices, retail spaces, schools, restaurants, theatres, atriums, auditoriums, lobbies, and much more.

Metal baffles, in particular, are a smart design choice. They are versatile and may be arranged for truly bespoke results – from simple, clean and uninterrupted lines to arcs, curves, and more. They are available in assorted colours and finishes – even wood-look for a warmer or more natural aesthetic.

Network Architectural’s range of baffle ceilings are also fire-safety compliant in terms of local Australian and international building codes.

Baffle ceilings are:

  • Distinctive
  • Functional
  • Easy to install
  • Versatile and highly customisable
  • Indoor-climate-friendly
  • Acoustically beneficial
  • Cost-effective

durlum baffle ceilings at Network Architectural

Network Architectural is the exclusive Australian distributor of durlum POLYLAM®. This is a modern vertical baffle system that not only looks striking but also delivers acoustic benefits as well as enhancing indoor climate control.

Our linear open vertical baffle ceiling solutions are versatile with a range of design options to suit a vast array of applications. The louvre size, number, and perforations are modifiable to meet your unique project design needs and may incorporate fillers to enhance the acoustic requirements of the space.

Key features of durlum POLYLAM® include:

  • Available in a range of colours and finishes.
  • Galvanised sheet steel or aluminium fabrication.
  • May be printed in a wood-look finish for a striking natural or rustic aesthetic.
  • Seamless integration of linear and spot lighting.
  • An open, acoustically effective ceiling for noise reduction.
  • Moveable and/or hingeable options are available.
  • Suitable for buildings with activated concrete cores.
  • Can incorporate the POLYLAM® dur-COOLTEC ceiling system.

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