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Acoustic ceiling solutions

Network Architectural is a leading Australian distributor and provider of superior ceiling products, including acoustic ceiling solutions that are ideal for classrooms, hotel lobbies, restaurants, auditoriums, theatres, cinemas, hospitals, shopping centres, and many other types of premises.

What is an acoustic ceiling?

Acoustic ceiling systems help ensure a space is acoustically fit for purpose.

Some spaces, like classrooms, theatres, and auditoriums require that sound be amplified in a specific way, while noise carrying from other areas of the space is minimised. Areas such as hotel lobbies, restaurants, retail outlets, and hospitals, need noise to be minimised, scattered, or absorbed to maintain a quiet ambience, privacy, and comfort. Other spaces need noise from outside to be blocked altogether.

Whether required for sound amplification, absorption, or blocking, the right selection of ceiling material and its architectural design is imperative and makes a remarkable difference to the acoustical properties of the space.

Ensuring the correct acoustics in a large, open space can be challenging. Sound bounces off surfaces, becoming magnified, and high noise levels trigger stress responses in many people, especially when that sound is uncontrolled or prolonged. From noise mitigation and sound dampening in learning and working environments and public spaces like hospitals and hotel lobbies to appropriate sound amplification in theatres and auditoriums, getting the balance right is essential. The right ceiling can make all the difference.

Choosing the correct ceiling material and design delivers several acoustic benefits:

  • Controls desirable sound (e.g. for theatres or classrooms)
  • Reverberation control
  • Minimises occupational noise
  • Absorbs ambient sound
  • Blocks noise from above (e.g., hotels, apartment buildings)
  • Enables integrations including for light installations, ventilation, fire safety, etc

Acoustic ceilings at Network Architectural

We have a range of ceiling solutions to meet your acoustic needs, from noise dampening to sound regulation.

Working with the most superior manufacturers and products in the market, our acoustic ceiling solutions include:

  • OWA Mineral Fibre Ceilings – technically sophisticated, OWA mineral fibre ceiling systems are versatile and meet the high-end acoustic ceiling and hygienic clean-room ceiling requirements. They comply with fire safety standards and options vary from cost-effective standard ceilings to customised design alternatives.
  • Suspended Ceiling Systems – manufactured by Rondo, our suspended ceiling solutions include acoustic ceiling systems to meet your requirements for both style and functionality. This includes acoustical improvement for your space and acoustic designs are available with the Rondo KEY-LOCK®, XPRESS®, and DONN® ceiling systems.
  • durlum Metal Ceilings – versatile and innovative, durlum metal ceilings provide a sleek and modern look to any space and include product and configuration options to enhance the acoustics of your office space, auditorium, theatre, hotel lobby, shopping centre, or any other type of premises. These include everything from standard to baffle and bespoke ceilings.

Contact us today to discover more about acoustic ceiling solutions at Network Architectural. We’d be happy to help you explore your options.

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